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Privacy Statement

It might be an exageration to say we have a specific privacy policy apart from the following:

From the point of view of the internet and this web address, we do not collect any data from visitors, we don't know how to collect data and are not really interested in learning.

If you send us an e-mail, your address will be saved on our computer in the inbox or archived items, exactly the same as if you send an e-mail to anyone else. We will use this e-mail address only to provide answers to questions you may have - no more.

We do use a third party to host our web site, they are 1and1 Internet Inc., they have a Privacy Policy which can be viewed here: PrivacyPolicy How much you, as a user of our site, are protected by their policy is a mystery to us. We assume they have the capability of tracking visitors to our site. However they were recommended to us as a reputable and reliable firm and we assume (as we have not the knowledge to verify it) that they are acting honorably.





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