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Easy! Google Earth says we're at 32deg25min22.68secN - 95deg18min30.06secW (32.42300N 95.30850W if your GPS doesn't understand minutes and seconds....) - OK? For those of us without satelite navigation........

From the I20: From the I-20 exit 560 go south 2.3 miles. If you're arriving in the dark, please note that no matter if you are coming from the east or the west, you MUST turn right at the first 'T' junction immediately you exit the I-20 to get to Lavender Road. Actually you do the same thing in the daylight too, it's just that you can see better where to go in daylight. You then head south, which is a right turn if you were coming from the west, and a left turn if you were coming from the east. Again, for those arriving in daylight, you will see a white water tower at the top of an incline, we're directly opposite. Look for flags on your right opposite rodeo arena.

From the north Loop 323 round Tyler: If you are coming from the east, cross the FM14 traffic lights and look for Adams Furniture on your right. Lavender Road (or CR 35, it's the same thing) is at the top of the incline, on your right immediately after Adams'. It NOT well signposted - there's a tiny sign you would need a telescope to read at 100 yards. It's about 0.6 miles from the FM 14 traffic lights to Lavender Road. If you see a sign for Broadway pointing left, you've gone too far, turn back and try again.

If you are coming from the west, Lavender Road is about 2.3 miles past the US Highway 69 traffic lights. On the way you will go over railroad tracks and see a sign to the right for Broadway (but don't take the turn). Start easing left into the passing lane, in the central median you will see a 'No Entry' sign followed by a 'WRONG WAY' sign (both intended for people driving in the wrong carriageway) and a 'Leaving Tyler City Limits' sign. Then, at the top of a slight rise, there is a crossing in the central median, that is the turn for Lavender Road. There are no sign posts for Lavender Road that give you any warning, and it's difficult to see because the crossing is hiding just over the brow of the incline. If you see Adams' Furniture store on your left, you have gone too far, but that's all right, there are plenty of turning spots in the median for you to turn round and try again. Simply follow the instructions and don't panic, we try to be worth the effort.

Now you've found Lavender Road, go 2.4 miles north. In the day you will see a white water tower on the right and the site on the left. Look for the sign and flags on your left’.

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